Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fourth grade...Sweet!

One of my best friends

How did we get such cute kids? Well...

It is seriously impossible to wake this kid up. He is a night owl and LOVES to sleep in. This is how he looked when I went in to wake him on the 1st day of school. He has a great teacher this year and is really looking forward to being a 4th grader. Here's to another year!!

California pictures...

My handsome Bex

Where are you B?

Bug eyed Maddie

Mark loving on Gavin...I love those boys!

The main reason we went to CA...Oh and to pick up Bex.
He is so stinkin cute and lovable. He just turned one on 8-22
and started walking a few days before we got there.

Maddie found a boyfriend while in California!!
It's alright with me as long as we get some free food.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miss you...

So our brave Bexley set out on an adventure today. All of my family lives in California (where I grew up). All summer Aunt Sarah (my little sis) has been asking Bex to come visit. So we set it up so that he could ride down with Uncle Adam (one of the brothers) after he finished at BYU. I dropped B off in Provo and won't see him until the 13th, when we drive down for a quick vacation. Seems silly to miss him already, but I do. He is an AMAZING boy and I LOVE him tons! Have fun Bexley...remember who you are!