Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taking the good with the bad...

So this past month has been one big storm waiting to blow right down on us!! Last week we had some great news and some super crappy news.

Good... We are moving to a very much needed 3 bedroom apartment on Dec 4th. We are so excited! We haven't seen inside it yet, but we saw one of the 2 bedrooms and liked it lots. We will have amazing landlords and a lot of space to ourselves. Once we're in I'll post some pictures. Can not wait!!!

Bad... After almost 11 years of working for Iron Mountain, Mark was terminated last Thursday. Not expecting anything like that to happen. We will make it through this difficult time, but of course with the holidays fast approaching you just never know. I love mark and know that he will find something to do that will make him happy and help us with the things that we need.

All and all things are well. I am looking forward to the holiday time and remembering the important things in family and my Faith.